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Friday, April 25, 2008

Tribute to MotherHood Challenge ~ OFG

Today is the day that the Old FarmHouse Gathering submitted entries for the Tribute to MotherHood challenge. Trust me, they are all awesome!! So far we have 2 treasuries showing off some of them. The treasury I snagged is called OFG Special Tribute to Mom , and the other one is OFG Challenge Mother's Day Loves , by Alice of WillmasWimzees. All of the entries can be viewed at the Old Farmhouse Gathering blog to be voted on by the public starting on the 27th.

But, of course, I have to show off my personal entry here, LOL! I painted a Terrye French design on this tin bucket and added a lavender bath n body gift set. It's available in my shop for $39, and includes a full-sized shower gel and body lotion, along with a 10 oz handpainted bar of lavender-scented soap.
My mom also created a wonderful flower garden patchwork quilted wallhanging, available in my shop for $18. Both of these would be perfect for that special mom in your life, and I know would be much appreciated!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Time flies!!

Well, it looks like another week has gone by. Unfortunately, I can't say that time flies because I was having fun! I don't know exactly where the time goes, but I wish it would just slow down enough so I can get something done. I did get a couple of items finished, finally, LOL! I was in a very spring-y mood and decided to do a paper mache plate in a gorgeous light victorian teal background with a daisy chain and some ladybugs on it. I have it listed right now on eBay, under paintingkreations4u . I am very happy with how it turned out. I also finished a pair of gingerbread soaps in a matching wooden tray that an etsy seller friend of mine requested. Silly me, I had never even thought of doing my gingers on soap! But they turned out cute, so be watching for more!
The next 3 weeks will be busy with out-of-town doctor appointments for my youngest son, so I'm not sure how much I'll get done. But stay tuned........I'll do my best to keep up-to-date.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Tag!! You're It!!

Well, there's nothing like being held accountable to follow through with something. I posted yesterday (or the day before???) that I would choose 3 people to tag to share how and why they chose the name they use, so here goes:

Lucky #1 is Mandy, from Wyatt's Magic Wagon , then Joann at Painted Panache , and finally Debra at HopHopJingleBoo . I can't wait to see what they post!


Saturday, April 12, 2008

I've been tagged!!!

See what happens when you don't post as often as you should? You get tagged, LOL!! Tammy, from RockRiverStitches, has tagged me to share how I got my name.

Well.........I started selling on eBay in 2005, and knew I needed to come up with a creative name. I wanted to do Kris's Kreations, but that's too many ssss's together, and since I do strictly painting (right now, anyway), I decided to go with PaintingKreations4u as my eBay name, and for etsy and my blog, shortened it to PaintedKreations, with a K because my name starts with a K, and it's just a little bit different. Of course, I didn't realize that using a K would cause some confusion, but that's ok........someday I will be well-known enough that people will automatically know how it is spelled, LOL!!! So, there ya go.......nothing fancy or spectacular, but I kinda like my name, and that's what matters.
So, now I get to tag 3 more people, which I promise I will do tomorrow when I have more time to investigate who it should be. Watch out! You never could be YOU!!!

Since it has been 8 (!!!) days since I've posted, I wanted to share my latest item that I've finished and listed in my shop, in plenty of time for Mother's Day. I will also be listing some more handpainted soaps, special for Mom. And stay tuned..........April 25 is the deadline for our OFG Mother's Day challenge! We will be listing our challenge pieces in our etsy shops, and the Old FarmHouse Gathering blog will have a place where you can vote on your favorite items. I will also show off my entry here on my blog. Anyway, here is my latest item:


Friday, April 4, 2008


I keep looking at the date at the top of the posts, and more and more days keep passing before I get another post in! Help! My excuse, as always, is having to run around taking care of kid bizness, like karate, school meetings, etc.

Well, today is Friday already. My plans were to paint most of the day. Do ya think that happened??? Of course not! I had to run errands while the boys were at their dad's, the only time I get to myself.........Fridays. Shopping without items being thrown into the cart, unnoticed until they get bagged, no boys asking "can we get this????"........yippers, you better believe I'm gonna take advantage of it! But I did manage to hit a yard sale where I scored 4 large cabinet doors, perfect for painting on. I also got a tin canister set for 50¢, not that I need any more canister sets! But I just couldn't pass it up.

I did finally get one item (out of about 5) finished and added to my etsy shop........yippee!! I love how it turned out. Very shabby, cottage-y prim, etc. I have an awesome birdhouse that I am desperately trying to finish that is done in basically the same colors, and also some other items. Kind of a collection going. Stay tuned to see those listed, hopefully within the next couple of weeks.
On another note, I was also able to snag another treasury showcasing the OFG sellers, called Angels in the FarmHouse. There is also another one by Carol of DaysGoneBy called Sheep'er By the Dozen. Be sure to check them both out!! The Angels treasury ends on Sunday, and Carol's ends on Monday.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New Treasury for OFG!!!

Click on the pic to see it!


Ever have one of those days???

Well, I did yesterday, and it looks like it's carrying over to today. Oh yay. My oldest boy, who will turn 12 on April 20, decided to do some time-travelling back to the age of oh about 5 or so. Don't know what brought it on, but take it back please!!! Luckily I can't even remember the details, but I do remember that he spent a good portion of the day telling ME what he was and was not going to do. Consequently, he had to deal with the "cruel and unusual punishment" (his words, LOL) of having to go to bed at 7:15 pm. Today didn't start out much better, but I am going to deal with it better. I am going to go conveniently and selectively deaf, and oh boy, is that going to drive him crazy!! And to top it off, there seems to be an issue with sites being down.......sites that I would really like to get into. Like etsy, my mail, my forum............. Nothing like adding salt to the wound, LOL! But I'll get over it.

On a more cheerful note, I managed to get a corner of my living/craft area cleaned!! YIppEE!! That only leaves 3 more corners and the middle.........hmmmmmmm. I still have a whole bunch of UFOs on my table....and my floor.......and my other table. Does anyone else have this problem???? I know, does anyone want to challenge me in any way? Maybe get a fire burning under my fanny? Anyone, anywhere?? I'm up for it........I've always done better under pressure. I'll be waiting..............lemme have it!!!

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