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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ever have one of those days???

Well, I did yesterday, and it looks like it's carrying over to today. Oh yay. My oldest boy, who will turn 12 on April 20, decided to do some time-travelling back to the age of oh about 5 or so. Don't know what brought it on, but take it back please!!! Luckily I can't even remember the details, but I do remember that he spent a good portion of the day telling ME what he was and was not going to do. Consequently, he had to deal with the "cruel and unusual punishment" (his words, LOL) of having to go to bed at 7:15 pm. Today didn't start out much better, but I am going to deal with it better. I am going to go conveniently and selectively deaf, and oh boy, is that going to drive him crazy!! And to top it off, there seems to be an issue with sites being down.......sites that I would really like to get into. Like etsy, my mail, my forum............. Nothing like adding salt to the wound, LOL! But I'll get over it.

On a more cheerful note, I managed to get a corner of my living/craft area cleaned!! YIppEE!! That only leaves 3 more corners and the middle.........hmmmmmmm. I still have a whole bunch of UFOs on my table....and my floor.......and my other table. Does anyone else have this problem???? I know, does anyone want to challenge me in any way? Maybe get a fire burning under my fanny? Anyone, anywhere?? I'm up for it........I've always done better under pressure. I'll be waiting..............lemme have it!!!

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