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Monday, May 19, 2008

God is an Awesome God..........

My life has been having to revolve around the saying in this picture for the last month or so, and believe sounds easier than it is!! I have been very overwhelmed with life lately, and have neglected so many things that I have wanted to keep up on, this blog being one of them. But I know that God has a grand plan for me and my boys, and although I have no idea what it is, and very little to no patience to wait for it, I will trust Him to come through with what is best for us. In the meantime, I am going to do my best to take care of what I can, get control of what I am able to get control of, and be thankful for what He has provided for us already.
May God bless everyone that reads this as I know He will bless us!



Joann said...

Kris, having been away on the cruise and being "bounced" from the yahoo group for a while I missed what's going on. Just know, dear, that you are in my prayers. When things get too much for me to handle, I say, "God I am offering this one up to you today" and then I will say a prayer of thanksgiving or do some charitable random act of kindness. It's just a little thing but somehow it seems to help me...probably just knowing that I know it's in His hands and He's in control.

About the cruise, it was wonderful. However, if you read my travel blog you know that I felt deeply affected by the amount of poverty I saw. I take so much for granted in life. I am so blessed.

I pray God will bless you and your boys, keep you safe and give you the patience to wait for whatever His great plan is.

Hugs, Joann

Mandie said...

Keep your chin, Girl.. Take your time.

Hugs mandie

I tagged you at my blog on the ABC's

kris said...

Thanks, guys, for your prayers and support!

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