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Monday, June 23, 2008

Beauty Rising Above Destruction.........

Aren't these pictures gorgeous? My sister took these from the local lake, Lake Paradise, last week when we were all fearing that our whole town would have to be evacuated due to a huge fire. You wouldn't think that when looking at them, wouldja? At first glance, they look like pictures of a beautiful sunset. I guess there really is beauty in everything.

Life has been interesting, to say the least. Believe it or not, my last post was actually posted today, but it shows the date that I saved it as a draft. My life has been full of fires, car repair, computer repair, home searching........I'm ready for it to be boring for a little while.

As I posted previously, I am having to trust God completely in so many areas, and it isn't easy. But He has graciously provided so much for me and my boys so far, I have every reason to believe that He will continue doing so, even when it seems hopeless. There were so many prayers going up about the Humboldt fire last week, and I firmly believe that He saved us from it, and kept it from causing more damage and harm than it did.


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