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Friday, June 27, 2008

Things don't always go as planned...........

I had every intention of posting links to all the treasuries that OFG members have snagged showing off all the Challenge entries, but my life has just been way too crazy these last couple of days, and I know the treasuries are just about to expire.

God is opening so many doors right now for me and my boys to get into a different house, it is just incredibly amazing! Something that seems so impossible just starts falling into place and you know it's only because of His mercy and grace. I will be madly packing my house up in the next week and a half........the world's fastest move, LOL! Hmmm.....wonder if Guinness has any records for that?? I will hope to keep my blog updated, but we'll have to see. I just pray that He will keep opening doors until this move is complete, but His will be done.



cuteartworld said...
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cuteartworld said...

My god bless you & your family Kris and the door's keep opening to new adventures! Let the angels carry you and your things to a new and lovely place!

kris said...

thanks, Anitra!

Sandra said...

Oh work so hard on treasuries...Don't worry you will get more are right . Things do not always go as you plan.
Thanks for all you do...I wish I knew how to jump in and post more. But I am with you all in spirit. I have 13 places I sell online. And between that and my fibro, broken toes and grandkids and DH, and migraines...I am lucky to blog....LOL
Just drop by to tell you to stop by my blog you have an award.
Hugs Sandra

Joann said...

Kris: thank you for the nomination but I don't know how to link pictures like that award, etc. I had to have Linda do some for me on my blog.

So I respectfully decline my nomination, please substitute another blog for mine. Thank you anyway. Joann

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